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Escalator tunnels of the 1st line of Almaty underground

Escalator tunnels of the 1st line of Almaty underground

skit_fu_-sdaopnrjhllx.jpg Project manager: Viktor Petrovich Ipatov

Client: LLP Sredasenergoservice, Almaty

Designer: LLP Metroproyekt, Almaty (design organization)

Goals of the client:

  1. Providing the illuminance level no less than 100 lux on the escalator combplate;
  2. Minimal weight of the luminaires;
  3. Manufacturing a part of the luminaires in order to enable them to be installed on the escalator with a zero degree angle;
  4. Timely delivery of the necessary equipment in compliance with the Client’s demands.

Bely Svet™ equipment used:

The TLA BS-1410 (CFL 2x55W) lighting fittings were chosen over all suggested luminaire types for the escalator tunnels illumination since it is the only luminaire type which provides 100 lux illuminance level on the escalator steps. These luminaires were specifically developed for the reconstruction of Moscow underground stations. They operate in a wide temperature range (5 to 50C) and can work both in the stand-alone and centralized modes. The versatility of the luminaires and compliance with all the existing standards make them a popular choice for the subways in Russia and CIS countries.

Main stages of the project:

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