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Ice arena

Ice arena

ледовый_дворец.jpg Project manager: Aleksey Sergeyevich Lobanovsky

Object: Ice Arena (Surgut)

Client: LLC SurgutGasStroy

Designer: LLC Proyekt

The equipment manufacturer: LLC Bely Svet 2000


The goals of the client:
Provide the appropriate level of emergency lighting in accordance with the current standards. Thanks to the long partner relations between the project manager, the client and the engineering company the BS-Electro-1 centralized emergency lighting system was chosen as the main emergency lighting solution. Besides, the economic assessment also proved the benefits of using the centralized emergency lighting system.

Bely Svet™ equipment used:

  1. BS-Electro-1/220 Central emergency lighting system-1
    • Consumed power 12.9 kW
    • Operation in the emergency mode 1 hour
    • 12 permanent groups.
  2. BS-Electro-1/220 Central emergency lighting system-2
    • Consumed power 7.3 kW
    • Operation in the emergency mode 1 hour
    • 7 non-permanent groups.

Main stages of the project:

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In today’s society, the interest to human safety and emergency management systems is increasing. That’s why our main goal is to enhance the safety level of the living environment, and this goal can mainly be achieved by responding to the need of the market in the emergency lighting systems.


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