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Social project

Children’s safety now means safe future for us!

Children are our future. This phrase has a deep meaning. Children are the manifestation and the realization of hopes and wishes of each and every one of us. We are responsible for their safety and well being, and we must protect them from danger when they are still small and inexperienced and can’t protect themselves.

Social initiative of the Company

We’ve been hearing more and more about different urgent situations in children’s preschool institutions that lead to severe accidents. This is the reason why LLC Bely Svet 2000 has come up with a social initiative to install emergency lighting systems in children’s municipal institutions. Children are vulnerable and helpless in urgent situations like nobody else is.

How we are going to bring this idea to life

Starting from 2012 each 25 rubles that we get from selling our emergency lighting fittings will go to the Safe Childhood foundation. The money will be spent specifically on the installation of emergency lighting systems in children’s institutions: schools, orphanages and baby houses. The Company specialists will make the emergency lighting project and will provide the necessary equipment. You will be able see the report here, on the Company website.

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In today’s society, the interest to human safety and emergency management systems is increasing. That’s why our main goal is to enhance the safety level of the living environment, and this goal can mainly be achieved by responding to the need of the market in the emergency lighting systems.


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