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Batteries for emergency lighting fittings

General description


Batteries produced by our Company have special properties and are designed specifically for emergency lighting fittings. Using the batteries of other electrochemical systems in emergency lighting presents some serious challenges and affects the performance reliability of the battery.

For instance, NMH batteries can't be used in the buffer mode because of their charge problems: after a quick charging process the trickle charge starts using the timer.

Besides, NMH batteries are used in a narrow range of temperatures from 0 to +40 °С. The accumulator batteries of another electrochemical system called lead-acid batteries require a lot of care. The charge takes place only when the temperature is above zero, in the range from 0 to +40 °С. These accumulators can't be placed near a device that may generate a spark (switcher, safety cut-off etc.) since the battery emits combustion gas in the charging process.

Bely Svet makes batteries of nickel cadmium elements connecting them by means of spot welding using dedicated equipment based on a carefully followed technology.

  • Different battery versions, their voltage and capacity allow to use this product for all emergency lighting fittings series and modifications as well as in emergency power units;
  • Voltage 1.2 - 12V;
  • Capacity 1.5 - 4.5A* per hour;
  • Cover - shrinkable film;
  • Working temperature range from -25 to +65 °С;
  • All components go through selection, testing and preageing in the accumulator battery;
  • Only high temperature nickel cadmium accumulators in the buffer mode are used in batteries;
  • Bely Svet accumulator batteries may be used in emergency lighting fittings of other manufacturers containing nickel cadmium accumulators;
  • Batteries may be equipped with connectors to make the changing process easier;
  • Complies with GOST, GOST R MEK 62133-2004; TU3482-001-54762960-2005.

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In today’s society, the interest to human safety and emergency management systems is increasing. That’s why our main goal is to enhance the safety level of the living environment, and this goal can mainly be achieved by responding to the need of the market in the emergency lighting systems.


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