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Centralized systems for emergency lighting

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BS-ELECTRO Centralized Systems for Emergency Lighting

General description



BS-ELECTRO centralized system for emergency lighting is an independent emergency power supply designed specifically for the emergency lighting purposes.

Centralized systems for emergency lighting provide all kinds and modes of emergency lighting in buildings and constructions and allow to use standard lighting installations with high lighting characteristics in large halls and areas where it is required by the safety rules and the technological requirements.

Besides the main function of the emergency power supply for the emergency lighting network the system also serves as the emergency lighting switchboard and guarantees complete control over the emergency lighting.


  • Very high system reliability level, cost effectiveness in the installation and connection process and simple maintenance;
  • Digital log book, storing all the important information and messages for the 2 year period;
  • Doing an automatic yearly audit;
  • Remote control over the system status and control over group exits;
  • Possibility of control centralization and of the integration into the "intellectual building" system by means of RS-232 interface;
  • Combination of a reliable construction based on the approved production equipment and the intellectual control with the help of the built-in microprocessor;
  • Current checkout in order to switch the load temporarily or permanently;
  • Modification possibility depending on the load type.


Public buildings: roofed sports arenas, concert halls, cinemas and theaters, large office buildings, supermarkets and indoor markets, exhibition halls, airports, railway stations etc.

Industrials buildings and constructions: large car parkings, underground car tunnels, large warehouses, closed workplaces, open industrial zones, territories of special protection etc.


BS-Electro centralized emergency lighting system is a dedicated uninterrupted power supply unit.

In case of the input voltage deviation, the system automatically switches (emergency lighting network) from AC to 220V DC current supply from the battery.

When the operating supply voltage is back the system automatically switches back to the AC supply and then quickly charges the battery.


  • BS-ELECTRO centralized emergency lighting system fully complies with the EN 50171 international standard;
  • Regarding the technical requirements to centralized accumulator units, the system complies with GOST R 50571-5-55-2009;
  • Regarding the emergency lighting fittings and DC current electronic control gear for emergency lighting circuits, BS-ELECTRO system fully complies with GOST R MEK 598-2-22-99 and GOST R MEK 60924-99;
  • Regarding the accumulator units, the system complies with the requirements stated in the section #4.4 PUE.


  • System unit (configured individually for each project);
  • Hermetically sealed maintenance-free 216V battery, battery life 10 years (including boots, connection cables, and fasteners);
  • battery unit (or a rack for a small building).

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