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Emergency lighting fittings with a high IP degree

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LUCH Emergency Lighting Fittings

General description


LUCH emergency projector provides the emergency lighting in industrial buildings and storage facilities with a large floor space. The body of the lighting fitting is made of polycarbonate.

The body of the head light with 20W halogen lamps is made of ABS and the diffuser is made of silicate glass.

  • Complies with GOST R MEK 60598-2-22-99;
  • Protection degree IP65;
  • Lighting source is two 20W, 6V halogen lamps;
  • Dimensions 315×420×135 mm;
  • Light distribution class complies with GOST 17677 — N;
  • Luminous intensity curve complies with GOST 17677 — G;
  • Independent power source – РЬ 2×12В, 7А - hour battery;
  • Installation on the wall or on the ceiling;
  • Working temperatures range from 0° to 50° C;
  • Electronic control unit with protection against deep discharge;
  • Possibility to use BS-UDTU-01 (telemando remote testing and control unit).

Parameter matrix


Аварийный светильник непостоянного типа

Светильник аварийного освещения

Напряжение питания (в вольтах) ~220

Галогенная лампа

Тип аккумуляторной батареи Pb

Вес, кг9,80

Возможность использования с централизованными системами TELECONTROL

Способ монтажа «на стену»

Способ монтажа «на пол»

Время работы в аварийном режиме — 3 часа

Световой поток (в люменах). Сверху: в аварийном режиме. Снизу: в рабочем режиме600

Потребляемый ток (в амперах)0,08

Группа механического исполнения М1

Индивидуальная упаковка

Tender description:

BS-8153-2×20 LUCH nonpermanent emergency lighting fitting with a built-in Pb battery, battery life 3 hours, with two 20W halogen lamps, luminous flux in emergency mode no less than 600 lm, polycarbonate basis, glass diffuser, II class, IP65, ~220 V, compatibility with Telecontrol.

Luminaire arrangement sample


Dimentions - LUCH Emergency Lighting Fittings

Lighting characteristics

Lighting characteristics - LUCH Emergency Lighting Fittings

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In today’s society, the interest to human safety and emergency management systems is increasing. That’s why our main goal is to enhance the safety level of the living environment, and this goal can mainly be achieved by responding to the need of the market in the emergency lighting systems.


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