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Recycling of wastes

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Recycling of wastes

Every person on the planet needs fresh air, clean streets and yards. We understand it now better than ever before.
That’s why each progressively minded company striving for the long-term success needs to solve the ecological issues connected with its products.

Unfortunately, although the components used in the lighting equipment have their advantages, they can’t be called environmentally friendly and can be harmful for our health and for the health of our children.
That’s why it’s important to recycle wastes.

Batteries and fluorescent lamps contain up to 70 mg of mercury, as well as cadmium and other hazardous substances belonging to the 1st class of hazard (“extremely dangerous substances”). The mentioned dosage of these substances can bring serious harm to our health if a lamp breaks and the substance gets into your airways or on the skin. In case of being constantly exposed to the mercury vapor the substance will be accumulating in your body thus bringing harm to your health.

Often, after the expiration of the lamp service life it is thrown away with the rest of the trash. Russian consumers don’t pay any attention to the recycling issues connected with this product. As for the manufacturers, they often don’t want to do anything about the problem. But this practice leads to the pollution of waste waters around big cities as well as to the pollution of the city ponds.

We understand that not every company can afford buying expensive equipment for the recycling of lamps and batteries. Bely Svet 2000 recycles batteries and fluorescent lamps, manufactured equipment or other lighting equipment provided that a special customer service contract was signed. It’s easy - we help you to get rid of harmful substances thus saving the ecology of Russian cities.

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In today’s society, the interest to human safety and emergency management systems is increasing. That’s why our main goal is to enhance the safety level of the living environment, and this goal can mainly be achieved by responding to the need of the market in the emergency lighting systems.


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